Sunday, August 11, 2013

Be Bangled!

So as you can tell I get obsessed with things and I go with it until it is out of my system. 
I am big on the DIY notion of "oh I can do that myself"  when I see something I love that is just ridiculously over priced. So enter my bangles..
My coworker got me hooked on these bangles on a Facebook page they were unique, gorgeous, and unlike anything I've ever seen. So I was all excited and messaged for a price on a few and was floored to see $25-$45 a piece- mind you we are not talking real gold or silver but wired bangles. I just couldn't justify this purchase. 
So I was meandering around JoAnns one Saturday for baby blanket fabric when I see beading wire and beads on clearance so I think I bet I can make these bangles. So I purchased 18 gauge gold color tarnish resistant wire and large glass baubles. 
Not thinking I would need any special pliers I get home and begin this painful and I mean painful hand wiring process..
My first attempt was not great but it was not horrible for being completed by hand. I will save you any horrid photos.
It showed me how easy it was. so I got smart and bought a wire beading tool set nothing fancy just two varieties of pliers made for jewelry wire and wire cutters. You can find a similar 3 piece set here:

So began the bangle obsession. I scoured JoAnn's and Michael's for glass and other ornate large beads that could easily be wired for a bangle. My coworker began doing the same thing. We have been to several local gem shows and beads stores here in the Cincinnati, Oh area. 
The local favorite is A World of beads in Hyde Park. Website:
If you are looking for something special I encourage you to go they are fantastic!

So maybe someday my friend and I will create an etsy page for our Gemmed bangles but for now I leave you with some of my favorites!

Gem show success!
The beauty is my favorite piece stone courtesy of world of beads!

Do you bangle?

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