Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My newest craft obsession LACE!

After joining Pinterest I of course decided that most things can be created DIY style.

After seeing a gorgeous lace tipped scarf I set out to do my own version. I came up with two styles and tons of ideas on what to do with the left over lace!
this is the original concept a scarf worth $1100!

This is my version. I used 2 yards of jersey tee shirt material and 1 yard each of black and white lace trim. Thanks to JoAnns coupons all three materials cost a whopping $11.65 for two scarves! I'll take it!

1 yrd gray jersey tee shirt material
1 yrd white lace

So we will start with tipped scarf. I used one yard gray tee shirt material. I sewed this into a tube which is not a necessity but I wanted it to feel thicker like there is more substance. So I folded the material and pinned with straight pins. Sew the edges until you have a tube with an opening at each end.
Adding the lace:
I pinned the lace along the edge deciding how much trim I wanted. This should be adjusted based on the lace you choose and the length of the scarf. I then used a zig zag stitch (on the front side of the scarf)to stitch lace onto tee shirt material. Zig zag provides a stronger hold and blends well into the lace. On the opposite side I used a regular stitch. For this scarf sewing the ends was not necessary, adding the lace took care of that.

1 yrd  gray jersey tee shirt material
1 yrd black lace trim

For the second scarf I created an infinity loop. This was more challenging and I would suggest using a longer piece of fabric for the scarf possibly 1.5 yrds.
I started with the tee shirt material and I stitched the side like the previous scarf. I then stitched the ends closed to created just a plain double sided scarf. Adding the lace to connect the pieces I pinned the lace to one end first and adjust the trim. I then used the zig zag stitch to stitch the lace on bot sides. Once one side was attached I did the same to the other creating a loop. I love the finished product but again would like it to be a little bigger.