Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Children's crafts

Sometimes when I come up with a new craft idea I think man I wish I had a little one to do this for...But that is why my friends and family have kids so I can dote on them with my new projects:) One of my bestie's little one turned two this winter and immediately I thought what do little girl tots love to do?  PLAY DRESS UP! So the idea for a dress up box was born!
For the project I don't have any before pictures but I will do my best to explain what I used and the process in which I completed the box!


-1 large wooden box- I found one at Hobby Lobby for a 1/4 of the original price
-sand paper
- spray paint (I used Krylon brushed metallic) I have to say I was not happy with the color as it turned out it was not "caramel latte" as seen here it came out mostly silver and was very spotty I used a rubber glove to mix the color.
-felt (color of choice, I used Hot pink)
-pre -painted wooden shapes-I used the following:
*princess crown
*treasure chest
*the letter A

-clothing, and accessories for dress up.
This was the best part! Party City, Michael's crafts, Target dollar section, and Hobby Lobby made this so easy! Kids can entertain themselves for hours with the littlest things so have fun with this!

Step 1: Sand wooden box/chest and paint
I laid newspaper in the garage and left the door half way up (this was a very windy February day) I would recommend full ventilation. I sanded the box so that it was smooth-you don't want the child getting a splinter etc.
After sanding and wiping off excess dust it is time to paint!

Step 2: Painting the box was the hardest part as I stated the paint was not at all what I expected it was blotchy and I had to use a rubber glove to get a smoother color and more metallic finish. I did probably about 4 coats to get the box completely covered and blended well.

Step 3: Let the box dry. After 2-3 hours of drying time I measure the inside of the box and lid in order to cut the felt to add to the inside. I used Elmer's wood glue and glued each side of the box and lid separately. After the felt is added I allowed it to dry before adding the wooden decals to the outside.

Step 4: I added the wooden decals also using Elmer's wood glue. I placed them on 2 sides and the lid.

Step 5: add the costume fun and tie with a bow :)

The finished project:

It was a hit :) Craft success!

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